I går 22. juni startet 2016 European CanSat Competition som finner sted i Portugal og pågår til 26. juni. Fra norden deltar tre lag, Can’t fra Norge, Vasa Övningsskola fra Finland og Schrödingers Kat fra Danmark.

Mission objectives fra cansat.eu

Can_t_team_logo_node_full_image_2 The team’s mission consists of taking temperature, pressure, humidity, acceleration, rotation and magnetic field data using sensor chips and communicating with a control CPU via I2C. After and during flight there will be live visualization display of graphs of the aforementioned data and the calculation of related values: altitude from multiple sources, speed, etc. Read the team’s interview.
VOS_team_logo_node_full_image_2 The mission’s main goal is test the rapid delivery of emergency supplies to inaccessible areas. The team’s CanSat will carry about 100g of payload mass on board, as well as a buzzer and two LEDs to aid in the recovery process. To prove its purpose, the CanSat is also designed to be opened without the use of tools, such as a screwdriver, since a person in a disaster area would not have access to such tools. Read the team interview.
Schroedingers_Kat_team_logo_small The team’s secondary mission is to use UV data to examine the environmental pollution of the air. They will also get GPS, UV, accelerometer, magnetometer and gyrometer data, and use these measurements to improve the primary mission. The technical objective is to use the GPS data to find the CanSat again once landed, and to collect a substantial larger amount of data from the SD card, e.g. data from the accelerometer and gyro. Read the team’s interview.

Det finske laget (Foto: EduGalaxen/Facebook)

Vi ønsker alle tre lagene lykke til!

Kilde: http://cansat.eu

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