Meet the Nordic finalists of the European CanSat Competition 2019

Over the past few months, 15 national CanSat Competitions have taken place across Europe and now ESA Education is pleased to announce all the finalist teams who will be attending the European CanSat Competition 2019!

A total of 20 student teams from ESA Member States, Canada, Malta and Japan will participate in the launch campaign – the highest number of teams ever! This year’s competition will be hosted by Sierrafox Srl and partners in Bologna, Italy from 24 to 28 June.

The Nordic teams represented are:

  • Catmosphere, Norway: They will attempt to deploy a secondary parachute just before impact, to achieve a controlled landing.
  • LarkCan, Finland: Their aim is to demonstrate a weather station that measures UV-radiation and air humidity.

There is also Danish Cans from Denmark who want to demonstrate a real-time estimation and tracking of the satellite’s orientation.

We wish them all good luck!

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